Luxury Vacation in Denmark in Wellness House, with Pool and Sauna

When you really want to relax, the wellness spa, pool and sauna some of the best relaxation for body and soul. There are lots of beautiful wellness hotels round the country. All possibilities in wellness. This nice luxury vacation house has everything your heart desires. The house has a gym with treadmill, cross trainer and exercise bikes. All professional quality. Huge pool, steam room, spa and of course a big sauna. All rooms are equipped with multi-room audio system. The house is suitable up to 12 people.

In blåvand are plenty of delicious luxury cottages. Many pool and sauna. Blåvand also has many good restaurants and plenty of options for the purchase of luxury gourmet items and good wine. There are actually a gourmet shop with everything your heart desires. In Blaavand is also one of the best sandy beaches in Denmark namely Hvidbjerg. Also there will be a large water park with lots of wellness facilities.