Support stockings can be used by all healthy people

When you are pregnant, you will often experience that your legs swell, and you have an increased risk of blood clots and varicose veins. But there is a remedy to prevent these inconveniences: Support stockings. Support stockings help improve the circulation of blood in your legs, which reduces the risk of blood clots and irritating and hideous varicose veins. Support stockings apply a mild pressure to your legs, which prevents your veins from expanding and helps the venous valves pump blood back to your heart.
But how early in your pregnancy should you start wearing them to achieve the best effect?
Exactly when you should start wearing support stockings depends on a number of factors. But here are some general rules to guide you:
If you are generally having problems with weak connective tissue, you should wear them throughout your pregnancy. This also applies if you had varicose veins before you became pregnant.
When you detect a precursor of varicose veins, or if your veins are slightly swollen, it’s time to do something. When that happens, differs from one woman to another. For some, it practically doesn’t happen at all.
If one of your parents has varicose veins, it may be a good idea to use support stockings from the start or at least when the stomach starts to show and get heavy.
If you are going on a long journey by plane, bus or car, you should wear them from the early morning. Support stockings will also relieve your legs if you stand or sit down a lot during the day and your legs are tired, swollen or sore in the evening.
If you do not suffer from any of these inconveniences, you still might find support stockings useful towards the end of your pregnancy when your body is most severely strained.
Should all pregnant women wear support stockings? The answer is no. If you are in doubt whether support stockings are the right thing for you, you should ask your doctor whether and how you would benefit from wearing them. It is important that you consult your doctor as in some cases support stockings are not recommended. Diabetics and people with specific types of arterial diseases, for instance, should not use them. But the majority of healthy people will benefit greatly from wearing support stockings with mild to medium compression to assist their blood circulation.